December 5th, 2020


An abundance of caution

The biggest news currently is that we're quarantining ourselves. Neither of us really thinks either of us has contracted the 'rona (although I did wonder for a little while, and you can't rule it out), but we were showing (very mild) symptoms over the last week, and we figured it's better to be careful and not risk giving it to anybody else. So basically what that amounts to is that we summoned groceries from the internet this week and we won't be playing the music for our church broadcast tomorrow. I'm pretty bummed out about that last part, what with it being the Christmas season, but them's the breaks, I guess. And we'll get to sleep an extra hour-ish.

The main reason we're pretty sure neither of us actually caught the 'rona is that we can't really figure out when it would have happened. It might have happened at church two weeks ago, but we haven't heard of anybody else of the core group (of, like, five people) showing symptoms...although maybe that will change when we see the broadcast tomorrow.

As for us, we're both feeling pretty much better by now...although when I think about it, I'm like, "I guess there is still a teeny tiny tickle in my throat." Athena never really felt sick, but like she was recovering from being sick. In fact, we think it's most likely allergies that were especially aggravated by the stress we've had over the last couple of weeks, with cats and management and etc. I felt achy for a while, but that could also be related to that time of the month.

The other news is that our apartment complex has a genuine, bona fide package thief. We had another delivery mysteriously disappear from our mailbox, so this time we went straight to the post office('s website). We filled out a report, and they called back. I didn't have my phone with me, so I missed the call, but they left a very nice (and detailed) voice mail, explaining that they were already aware of the problems at our complex and had informed the management that they needed to do something about it, but in the meantime, it seems that our package was, in fact, stolen. Fortunately(?), this time it wasn't a Christmas gift--it was for us. So we don't have to worry about anybody missing out on their gift, but we are out some Christmas sheet music that we were looking forward to. We'll contact the company we ordered it from on Monday and see if we can get PDFs instead.

Also, we put up our Christmas tree! We still have to put all the plushies on it, but it adds a nice bit of cheer.

Today I'm thankful for services that allow us to quarantine and still buy groceries, finally getting the target score in Vector to the Heavens, having some fun TV to watch when we don't have the brain power to play rhythm games all night (those things can take a lot of concentration, and Athena could feel her throat getting scratchier as she poured more energy into the game), hearing back from the post office so quickly, and getting to watch The Repair Shop tomorrow.