December 2nd, 2020


Surprise party

Today turned out to be surprisingly social. We turned on Animal Crossing for the usual island routine, got a news update about a new neighbor, chatted with some other neighbors...who said something about seeing shooting stars tonight? What! But Isabelle didn't say anything! So we weren't sure if it was legit, but when seven o'clock rolled around, all the stars started falling! So we messaged all our Animal Crossing people, including a Facebook friend who noticed our pears when Athena posted a screencap. And so we had a bunch of people visit, including Grawp, whose bedtime has recently changed from seven to nine(!).

On top of that, we got a phone call from a friend who used to be in our ward! That was kind of wacky, too, because it wasn't for any particular business, just a social call. And, like, I didn't realize that social calls were a thing... I mean, we talk to Gaston on the phone when he calls, but that usually happens when he has some business to discuss. And we call Mom every week, but that's us trying to be good daughters. (We like talking to Mom, too, of course. I guess it's just that, since she's family, it makes more sense to call just to talk. ...We are so estranged from the idea of "socializing.")

Anyway, it was nice. Our Facebook friend is still on our island, but we haven't really been communicating, so we're not sure...of anything in regards to that. We do need to get to sleep, though, so we're going to have to figure out how to politely kick her off... (Sorry, Facebook friend!)

Today I'm thankful for getting to wish on a bunch of shooting stars, having lots of friends visit and call today, work on Fire Force going pretty well, getting to try Red Baron's pizza melts (they're pretty okay), and having a new neighbor in Animal Crossing.