October 29th, 2020


New shows

We're having just a teeny tiny bit of trouble with Pokemon right now, partly because our nephew didn't call today, which kind of bummed us out (but he has a life, so it's okay, I guess), and partly because we've found that playing Pokemon is one of the best opportunities for listening to audiobooks. We already finished listening to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in French, and now we're wanting to listen to The Sea of Monsters, but! we don't have it.

Aaaand we're waiting for a payment to make sure we have enough to cover rent, so we figure we should be responsible and not buy the book until we know rent will be paid. I mean, the amount of money it would cost to get the audiobook would not change our ability to pay rent, but it's the principle of the thing, I suppose. Anyway, that means we want to hold off on finishing all the Pokemon stuff until we can get the audiobook, and that means we have to find something else to do.

So first! I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but we've managed to get our mother hooked on J-dramas. She's been studying Japanese, and we told her it would help her to see/hear Japanese in practical(?) use, so she should find some Japanese shows and watch them in Japanese. It kind of backfired when we recommended Erased, which she loved...but watched dubbed. Somehow eventually she decided to go for it with the subtitles, though, and now she's finding all kinds of shoujo-manga-based series and telling us to watch them. And, bad shoujo manga fans that we are, we've been spending all our time on Pokemon and Animal Crossing instead.

But now we had some free time, so we watched her recent discovery, Happy Marriage!?. ...I'm not sure I have a whole lot to say about it, except that I really want the girl's father to get help. It makes me so sad to see him throw all their money away. The actor is adorable, though. The love rival is also adorable, and I can't help rooting for him, especially because the main love interest is kind of a jerk. I'm sure his heart will soften as the story goes on, but dang that other kid is cute.

So that was fun, but we still want to watch more of our favorite French voice actor, so after dinner, we decided to troll Netflix. It's bad, you guys. We've gotten into the habit of locating any show with the Netflix Original logo, starting it up, and fast forwarding all the way to the international dub credits. We used to sample an episode of the shows first, but we just don't have time to sample everything! And the internet has been unhelpful in just telling us what he's in.

Anyway. We tried Sirius the Jaeger, and there he was as Phillip! So we rewound the first episode and we watched it! Tadah! ...In Japanese. Because that's the original language, so that's the least filtered. And then we went back and watched key scenes in French. It was fun. It's a vampire series, which means it can be pretty violent, but somehow despite all the blood geysers, it doesn't feel very gory. And Phillip was super cute.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a couple new shows, today's monthly simulpub being pretty actiony and therefore not too hard to translate, getting to hear more of our favorite French voice actor, getting to see the Pokemon holiday merchandise at the official Pokemon online store, and getting a new series to translate.