October 24th, 2020


Crown Tundra

It's been a busy couple of days, mostly because of the release of the Crown Tundra expansion on Pokemon. We actually deliberately put off playing it until Grawp called, and now of course both our Pokemon-loving nephews (Gilderoy has recently developed an obsession) seem to be way ahead of us. I mean, that shouldn't be a problem, because technically we are grownups and it's just a game...but to be honest, when we played with Gilderoy earlier he was being kind of annoying, so it's even more annoying that he's got more legendary Pokemon than us. (The Crown Tundra's big selling point is that it's full of legendary Pokemon.)

So Gilderoy's mother called us today to ask if he could battle Athena, and we were like, "Of course, but we're in the middle of a Dynamax Adventure with Grawp right now, so it will have to wait." Dynamax Adventures are the best, by the way. But that was relatively uneventful, so I'm going to skip ahead to the battle with Grawp. Athena went easy on him, and she was incredibly lucky that his Whiscash didn't wipe out her Chandelure (Chandelure hung on with one HP, what a champ!), but she beat him with four Pokemon still standing.

I was impressed that he'd learned his type match-ups, though. Athena pulled out her Lilligant, so he swapped in Braviary, and since he'd already killed her Shedinja with just one try, I figured he'd learned much since their first battle (when he brought out a fire Pokemon to fight Athena's water one), so I asked him, "Why'd you swap in Braviary?" and he said, "Because Flying is strong against Grass." And since Grawp is still always asking us what's strong against what, and he's two and a half years older, as I said before, I was impressed.

Anyway. The battle ended and he said, "Okay, let's battle again, only this time I won't go easy on you." And we were all, "Ooookay 9.9" So Athena went and made a party of untrained baby Pokemons and he went and made a party of legendaries, and we let him win two more battles, which would have been less annoying if he hadn't had to cancel the connection several times because he wasn't paying attention (cut him some slack--he's only six!). Also, we're not sure if we should let him win or not. It's possible that he's actually good enough to beat Athena. It's also possible that the reason he wanted to battle Athena is that he was already battling his other Pokemon-loving aunt (on his dad's side), and she wasn't letting him win. Ah well. I'm sure we'll have other opportunities to figure things out.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play the Crown Tundra expansion, Dynamax Adventures, finally finding the last Diglett (that was one advantage of waiting a million years for Gilderoy to set up his party), getting to try a pudding ring peach cake, and the super pretty shade of green on the King of Abundant Harvests' crown.