October 16th, 2020



It's a real thing now, guys. We really have a website with a blog. I mean, obviously this LiveJournal is also a blog, but you know what we mean. We have a translation blog! And here it is!

We're unreasonably nervous about it. I think the posts we've written are all pretty fun...at least, for translation nerds, they are. And I don't think there's a whole lot to critique about them (although of course we have to be open to constructive criticism), but we're reeeeeeeeeeeeally worried that a bunch of internet savvy types will be like, "Ew, what is wrong with this design?" ...I think that the content should be interesting enough that that won't be a problem, or if it's not interesting enough, the people who care will just wander away and not worry about it. But that's the thing about irrational fears. They're irrational.

And so, after we published the site and then posted on Facebook and Twitter to let people know it's a thing, we ran away forever! ...Or we wanted to, anyway. Instead, we played Pokemon for a few hours. And the good news there is we only lost about 60% of our battles! (I say "we," but it was really all Athena. I'm not sure if it's better or worse to give her all the credit, but there it is.)

Anyway. The plan for the blog is to mostly update on Tuesdays. Why? Because it's Translation Tuesday! Tadah! ...I have mixed feelings about alliteration, actually, but in this case, I like it. So the real nitty-gritty technical stuff (that's been previewed here) should start then. Which reminds me, we need to get the images to lys so she can get them ready for us... Oh well, we have until Tuesday. (But don't forget!!!, I have to remind myself. (But for now, we're still in pseudo-hiding.))

Also, the artwork for the blog was provided mostly by Athena! Isn't it beautiful? The lovely English lettering was provided by lys, because we are absolutely hopeless when it comes to putting English text in speech bubbles. We really are lucky to have her as a friend.

Today I'm thankful for officially having our translation blog, not having any flames so far, doing a fairly decent job in the Pokemon tournament, having plans to hang out with a friend tomorrow, and also getting to sleep in.