October 14th, 2020


Time out

Progress on everything today came to an unexpected stop when Athena got called in for jury duty. I mean, she was already on call, but we forgot about yesterday until it was almost bedtime, and then surprise! she had to go in to the courthouse. So our original plans to work on our blog were changed to going to the courthouse. The super good news, though, is that she didn't get picked for a trial, so she's officially done with jury duty for a while! I did my on-call jury duty a couple weeks ago, and thankfully, I didn't have to go in at all. Anyway, our civic duty is done...except we still have to vote. Wow, there are a lot of civic duties. At least we don't have to leave our apartment complex to vote.

But taking an Uber to the courthouse in these unprecedented times caused us a lot of stress (although our drivers were both pretty friendly), so we decided that today was a full day off, and we spent the rest of it on video games. ...And I don't have much to say about that, except that I think we're all ready for the Pokemon tournament that starts tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting friendly Uber drivers, Athena getting dismissed without having to sit for a trial, making it home pretty early, having plans to see the sister missionaries tomorrow, and also having plans to get back on track with the blog tomorrow.