October 7th, 2020



Last night we stayed up entirely too late playing Animal Crossing, but for a very good reason: we had a meteor shower! Tadah! I think we made like 250 wishes. We also invited Mom, Grawp, and lyschan over to make some wishes of their own! After Mom and Grawp were over for a while, Grawp decided he wanted to show off some of the cool stuff he had going on at his island, and he was like, "We've all made like a hundred wishes--we don't have to keep watching stars," and we were like, "Oooookaaaay..." ...That's only partly true. He was totally right, and he did have some cool stuff going on at his island. He likes to play around with making cliffs and rivers and pavement and stuff--he's got happy faces all over his island. It's cute.

Of course, after his bedtime, we stayed up much later and made more wishes. Mom came back to our island, lys came over... It wasn't especially exciting, but it was long. It was kind of a bummer that star fragments stopped washing up on shore after we'd collected about 50 of them. But it's enough to make all of the DIY projects we have recipes for! ...Except for maybe the zodiac ones, but we want to hold off on those anyway, because we're saving our gold nuggets.

Anyway. That's not very interesting. I apologize. We still haven't heard from our editors about any upcoming assignments, and we're probably going to have to start asking around soon. But we really don't want to... Anyway, in the meantime, we now have to decide between working on the one assignment we do have or seeing about some blog posts. Or getting a head start on any one of ongoing series we have... Which is really not a terrible idea... But the blog! I think we're leaning toward that one. Because it needs to be done! And we've been reminded of that many times lately. It's like the universe has been saying, "So I see you have some free time coming up. remember that blog you used to keep talking about?" So there you have it. Tomorrow, we will write something! ...I can't make any guarantees about how much, though.

Today I'm thankful for having a meteor shower on our island, all the pretty shooting stars, having a bunch more star fragments, having a good time working on our weekly simulpub, and having time to work on our blog.