October 4th, 2020


A very delightful Sabbath

Oh man, what a day. We had two really great, but really intense sessions of General Conference. I think almost all the talks in the second one were focused on patience through trials and life is supposed to be hard because we're supposed to learn and grow through it. Of course, there were other talks on that throughout the conference. It's an expected theme in these "unprecedented" times. They were all really good and really powerful, so I think they kind of wore us out. There was a lot of stuff that I think we already knew, and also a lot of things to think about.

Afterwards we finished watching the first season of The Repair Shop. Sometimes I think I can't get enough of that show. The camaraderie between all the people at the workshop is just so heartwarming. And it's so cool to see how much they know about stuff. In this batch of episodes, a woman brought in a teddy bear that was passed down through all six of her sisters and she was the youngest, so now it was hers but she wanted to pass it along (and get it fixed up first). The people in the shop like to know everything about the items they're repairing, what kind of family history they have, etc., so one of the experts asked the owner of the bear what she knew about its history, and the woman was like, "Well, my oldest sister was born in 1941, so it would have been from around then," and the expert was like, "You're right, it is from the '40s. And it's Irish--did you know that?" I never had any idea before how much there is to know about the history of teddy bears.

I also really like it, because repairing things is what Jesus does, too. So it helps me think of the Savior a little more.

Normally we would have read more Jules Verne, but we just didn't have the brain power for 19th century literature, so after poking around Kindle Unlimited to see if we could find anything that caught our attention and didn't seem like too much of a distraction (illustrated moving Harry Potter? Yes! ...but no, we don't want to get invested in the whole series right now), we failed that and turned to Netflix. We were recently reminded that we'd put Dad of Light on our watchlist and never gotten around to watching it, and I remembered hearing it was a heartwarming family story, so I figured that would be Sunday appropriate, and we watched it!

And oh my goodness, it's so stinking cute. The main character looks like he can't possibly be any older than 15, but that's really not the point, is it? ...I don't really have much more to say about it, but we like it a lot.

Today I'm thankful for another great and powerful General Conference, getting to watch more of the Repair Shop, the super awesome Repair Shop Christmas special, getting to see Dad of Light, and getting to take the day off tomorrow.