September 17th, 2020


Can I have your autograph? part 2

So we asked about getting an autograph from Hiro Mashima, but it turns out we're not important enough to just get them. That's okay, I think. I feel like it's better not to get all caught up in trying to get extra perks. And the good news is, we're still eligible to enter the sweepstakes! So we did just that! Tadah!

By the way, here's the link so all you readers can go enter, if you haven't already found it. The really cool thing about it is that they ask you what you want a sketch of, and Mashima-sensei has said on Twitter that you can ask for pretty much anything (I'm assuming that means "that he owns the copyright to"), no matter how obscure the character or how wacky the situation. I almost get the feeling that you're more likely to be chosen if you can come up with the most original scenario.

At the end of the form, they ask you a couple of trivia questions--one from Edens Zero and one from Fairy Tail. This is the part that worries us a little, because, while we're fairly confident in our Edens Zero knowledge (about 1000% for this question), we had no clue for the Fairy Tail question. And I don't know if you have to get both questions right in order to win a sketch! Aaaahhh... I know we could have just Googled it, but that felt like cheating. So we're hoping they have mercy on us because we do translate Edens Zero, and I like to think we've done a pretty bang-up job. But oh well. We've done what we can, and what will be will be.

Today I'm thankful for getting to enter to win an autograph from Hiro Mashima, finishing our ideal work quota for today, getting to hang out with Grawp and play Animal Crossing again, getting to listen to some of The Lightning Thief in French, and getting to hear Icarus's theme song again.