August 6th, 2020


Full of hot air

Our life continues to be dominated by work and Tangled and Animal Crossing. Gulivarrr sent us a pirate beard today! And we're still rocking the mermaid princess dress, so today we did a pirate princess thing. Then a gift from the heavens came in the form of a cavalier hat! I mean, it's not exactly a pirate hat, but it's close enough for our purposes, and really completed the pirate princess look.

There was something in Tangled that I wanted to talk about, but first I should start out by saying we are really enjoying the series. There was just a thing that involved lazy (or no?) research, and that seems to be becoming a problem lately, as indicated by a recent incident in which a historical novel ended up using a Legend of Zelda recipe for red dye, because the historical novel writer couldn't be bothered to make sure the first recipe he found on Google was real. And as someone who is constantly doing research for things that no one is even going to notice, I really want to do the opposite of condone that kind of behavior.

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But to be more positive, Rapunzel and Eugene continue to be a delight to watch. I love that Rapunzel squees, and I love that she loves everybody. She really is the cutest. And Eugene is so good at rambling on and on. We've noticed in our cartoon viewing that there are characters who talk a lot, and sometimes they seem to run out of things to say before they're supposed to, because they're supposed to be going on forever, and then there's a bit of an awkward pause. But Eugene can just keep going and going. And we love that he uses multiple random other languages. Pascal's personality seems to be somewhat different than in the movie, but I didn't really like Pascal's personality in the movie (he was a little pushy), and he's not in the series enough that it's that glaring, so I'm okay with it.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work earlier than expected, getting to go to Target today, getting all of our Animal Crossing to-do list done with plenty of time leftover, getting a tax refund! woohoo! (a whopping $21 each from the state), and remembering to drink some chocolate milk today.