August 5th, 2020


Still tangled up

We are doing more than watch Tangled derivatives, but unfortunately we can't talk about Noragami because it would include massive spoilers, so here we are, talking about Tangled again. We pulled up the streaming app to watch another episode of the series and noticed that in the "recommended for you" section, it listed Tangled Short Cuts, Tangled: The Series, and Tangled: Before Ever After, and Tangled of course. It was that third one that caught our attention, and now all of you who were following the developments on the Disney Channel in realtime can stop yelling at us through your screens, because we have finally discovered the "pilot", so to speak.

And now we know that Cassandra was not, in fact, some new character who popped up completely out of nowhere like we were supposed to know who she was and already care about her. She's some new character who popped up semi-organically with a brief introduction and we're supposed to already care about her. What I'm saying is, we still don't think she deserved all the trust Rapunzel gave her right away (except that Rapunzel just trusts people, but that doesn't mean she's trustworthy). As far as she's concerned, we're kind of like, "...Fine."

We did have a problem with the main premise, though. Up until briefly before this TV movie takes place, Rapunzel had pretty much lived her entire life inside an admittedly pretty luxurious tower, but the important thing is that she never ever ever ever left it (that was kind of a thing with her and Mother Gothel), and she was almost 100% okay with that. She didn't want to leave because she was bored or wanted adventure or felt confined or was even lonely. She had one very specific thing she wanted to do, and her original plan was to get Mother Gothel to take her, which surely (in her mind) would involve her going back to the tower as soon as they were done.

But in this movie, her main complaint is that she feels trapped? Now that she's in a giant castle with a whole town and ginormous tracts of land before the wall separating her kingdom from the outside world? Now she feels confined? I mean, I get that now she has royal responsibilities and schedules to keep and people whose expectations she has to meet and all that, and that would be much, much different than life alone in a tower. And there's a lot more pressure. And if they had even once mentioned how it compared to her life in the tower, I would have been satisfied. But they never did. And the manifestation of her wanting to escape from the royal life is her wanting more space in the outside world... It just seemed like they'd forgotten all about that one minor detail about her being a prisoner for the vast majority of her life.

Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to learn some more neat stuff through translating Noragami, getting to try a new snack (Pirate Treasure corn snacks that give you a whole 1/4 serving of fruit!), having not one but two new Wizarding World crates to open at some point (in addition to the one we mentioned the other day), having a spinning wheel to go with our loom in Animal Crossing, and having filled in the gaps in our Tangled viewing.