August 1st, 2020


A new month

A new month, a new day catching bugs and fish on Animal Crossing. We are starting to think we might need to schedule other things into our days, but since it was a new month, we figured it would be okay to focus on Animal Crossing for today. And we caught a moray eel, a walker cicada, and a rice grasshopper! We also requested that K.K. Slider sing Mountain Song, and it was lovely. Five stars, would recommend.

Oh yeah! And we had a thunderstorm! Apparently those have been a thing since before August, because the storm happened to start right when Mom called to request that we visit her island while Rosetta was playing. As we got ready to go, it suddenly started raining really hard, and then we saw lightning, and we were all, "Whaaaat!" so we told Mom, "Hold on, we've got a thunderstorm going on here." So we changed plans and instead, we opened our gates so Rosetta could come to our island, and she came...and then Rosetta almost immediately decided she didn't want to come to our island as Grandma's character, so I guess she reset the software or something, and oh my goodness we find it infuriating when people leave our island without using the airport. Fortunately, all we did while she was there was look at the thunderstorm, so we didn't lose anything, but dang.

So that's pretty much our day. We also went grocery shopping, which was nice, because so many of the people who work there were happy to see us! Even someone we've never talked to!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see a thunderstorm on our island (I like them a lot better in a video game, where I don't have to worry about getting zapped), getting to catch some new critters, getting some mermaid shoes from Pascal, simply strawberry Pop-Tarts, and getting to try some mint Klondike bars.