July 10th, 2020


Hosting the most

There may have been thoughts of being productive today, but they were scrapped when we discovered it was finally Rosetta's turn to play on the Switch. We immediately opened the gates to our island and texted her mother to invite her over. And now we can send postcards to her as well as her brother Gilderoy, who naturally had to come visit as soon as the Switch changed hands to him. We called them on the phone to make communication easier, and when Gilderoy came over, he said, "I'm going to give you something, and you have to wear it immediately." It was a dress and tiara. Awwww. That boy does know how to butter people up.

...I wish I had cute stories about Rosetta, too, but despite mostly playing Animal Crossing, today seems to have been a really long day. I'm going to blame the heat. Also, we checked in after dinner to see if we could summon Pascal, and while we were out swimming, we noticed some falling stars! Of course, we didn't get to wish on them, because we were swimming, but we were like, "Meteor shower! We have to invite our friends so they can get star fragments!" But we jumped the gun. The sky wasn't clear enough for a continuous meteor shower, just a few here and there. And they were very far between.

Fortunately(?), our sister couldn't make it anyway, because she'd sent her kids to their grandparents' place with the Switch. lys came over anyway, and she was understanding about the meteor shower thing because she's an Animal Crossing veteran and knows how it works way better than we do. And Mom...we still feel bad about Mom. She texted me back about it, but somehow I missed the text, so we weren't able to get back to her until an hour later. I just hope she wasn't sitting around waiting to hear from us all that time... Athena points out that Mom's not really the type to do that, so we're not too worried, but...I am a little worried.

I do remember that Rosetta liked to go around talking to all of our villagers. She wanted to go dig up fossils, but we'd already dug up all our fossils, so we were going to bury something for her to find...but then her turn was over. She was very good about handing over the Switch, though. We were impressed.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of visitors in Animal Crossing today, getting to watch Fire Force and Fruits Basket, the beautiful windflowers lys brought us from her island, getting a sci-fi wall recipe, and remembering to take advantage of the promotional sale to get The World Ends With You.