June 26th, 2020


A day off

We took the day off today! And it didn't result in pushing back any of our deadlines, because we...don't...currently have any. Except for a few tankoubon extras due next week. Yes, we could have done them today, but we have more simulpub stuff to do next week, so we figure we might as well work on stuff when we already have work momentum going. And of course we didn't work on the simulpub stuff today because it's not available to work on yet.

We do have some ongoing series that we're still assigned to (last we checked...), so there is the possibility of being hit with a bunch of deadlines at any moment, but for now we're making the most of the fact that our schedule is mostly clear. Anime Expo Lite is next weekend, so we're hoping we'll at least get to wait until that's over before we hear about any new deadlines. As important as it is to pay the bills, what we need the most right now is a proper break. We haven't managed to actually recover from burnout yet, and we're hoping a couple of weeks off will really help us out.

But the important thing is that Flick came to our island in Animal Crossing for the first time today, and oh my goodness, what an adorable character! We'd already met CJ, who told us about a friend who makes collectibles, and we thought, "I think I remember CJ mentioning that his friend makes insect replicas... We should make sure to have three ladybugs on hand!" So we did! And we were able to give them to Flick right away, so soon we'll have our very own ladybug collectible, and that makes us happy. But most of all, I love to see how excited Flick gets about bugs. It's the cutest.

We also finally got to check out Floor Is Lava, which, I gotta say, is pretty silly. But it's just the right kind of silly, so we love it. Not enough to marathon it, though. We have an island to tend to.

Today I'm thankful for getting to take the day off, getting to meet Flick, getting to watch Floor Is Lava, getting to watch the finale of Comedy IQ (it was so touching), and getting to sleep in again tomorrow.