May 21st, 2020

kid flash

Jumping right back in

Our celebration over finishing Sailor V was very brief. We let ourselves sleep in juuuust a little bit this morning, and then it was back to work! We have a volume of In/Spectre due in a week, so we really needed to get right back into it. I mean, we like to think we can take it just little bit slow, but the point is, it probably would have been a bad idea to take the whole day off. Especially because it is In/Spectre, and it's proving to be just as wordy as ever. I love this series, but dang.

We did order pizza, though. Partially to reward ourselves for finishing Sailor V and partially to put off going to the grocery store a little longer. Speaking of the store, Page still isn't eating, and we're pretty sure it's just that she doesn't care enough about any of the food that's available to her. We tried thinking outside the box and (after checking to make sure they're not toxic to cats) ordering some carrots. Oreo refused to eat A/D just like Page is doing now, but Athena remembered that he went nuts over the carrot sticks we got at Mickey's Halloween Party. So we used the grocery shopping app and summoned some carrot baby food and a bag of chopped carrots and peas. Page has shown no interest in either of them.

Basically all we can do now is try as wide a variety as we can until something sticks. And try the appetite stimulant. We're torn on that one, because we don't want to run out, but we might not get her interested in trying anything unless we use it. But what if the one thing she likes but won't try is something she would be willing to try if hungry enough but we don't have the appetite stimulant!? It's tricky.

In the meantime, the new Pokemon International Challenge started today and so far we're doing pretty terribly. It's okay, because we spent all our time after the last one trying to fill our Pokedex instead of training up a good team. Now that we've finished the main story and caught 99% of the Pokemon, we're pretty confident that we'll be better prepared for the next challenge.

Today I'm thankful for getting to sleep in a little, the yummy pizza we had for dinner, also getting cookie dough in our grocery order (not for eating--we like to bake the dough and have cookies), finally catching a Mimikyu, and getting to watch Miraculous.