May 13th, 2020


Sailor Moon Eternal Edition volume 8

As I was thinking what to post about and coming up with nothing (not that I tried all that hard, but today was pretty routine), I remembered that supposedly a new volume of the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition came out recently. So we checked the internets, and sure enough! Volume eight is finally on sale. It's the last one we have a review for, alas, but at least we do have one more review! And here it is! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Aahh, a review truly fitting of Sailor...V, actually. It is long and rambly. Yes, very much like Sailor V. But also zany and hilarious! Like Sailor V. Anyway, we're sorry we don't have any more Sailor Moon reviews, but we hope you all enjoyed the ones we did have! We're still super excited that we were blessed with the opportunity to translate Sailor Moon.

Today I'm thankful for zany reviews to look back on, making good progress on work today, our Duosion already evolving, the Reese's Pieces Chips Ahoy we had for a snack, and the Under the Weather cat food supplement being on its way.