April 30th, 2020


Happy Our Birthday!

It's our birthday! And it started out with chaos! Aaaaaaahhh!!! ...It wasn't really that bad, but it felt rather hectic. We had several emails with happy birthday messages from various retailers, there was a cute video from Pat Sajak and Vanna White, and one from BYU's star a cappella group Vocal Point. There were several Facebook messages that we probably didn't need to respond to but we did, Mom called from Celeste's house so the kids could sing happy birthday, which was especially funny because Rosetta was having none of it. Apparently she was really excited to do it, but by the time they got Hangouts to work for a video call, she had found new entertainment that she did not want to put down.

Meanwhile, there was some interesting discussion on the manga industry chat we frequent, which had nothing to do with our birthday but a lot to do with our interests, and the whole time I just wanted to get to Instagram because the official Miraculous Instagram had asked people to describe how they think the battle went between Ladybug and the Magician of Misfortune (one of those off-screen battles where the aftermath is more important to the plot than the battle itself), and we had fun coming up with an idea last night, so we wanted to go post it. But, it being Miraculous, it was a little convoluted and required us to not be completely distracted while typing it up. We told Cecille about it and she was like, "Oh wow, you wrote a fanfic?" and I was like, ".........I guess we did." We don't generally do fanfic, as a rule, because the characters from things we're fans of are not our characters so we don't really know what's going on in their heads and in their hearts with enough certainty to write stories about it. But I guess we didn't have any trouble with this because it was almost all action, so there wasn't any emotion involved. We'll post it tomorrow, probably.

We had a few more Facebook messages and phonecalls, and eventually we were able to get to the Switch. When Athena went to the Pokecenter, they shot confetti and had a cake! It was so cool! But our main goal was to redeem the gift card Celeste got us (thank you!!) and buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Tadah! We had some discussion about what game we wanted to buy for our birthday, including Breath of the Wild...well, mostly that one, and then Square-Enix reminded us that the FF7 remake is a thing. But we decided on Smash Bros. because we can play it with the nieces and nephews.

And indeed, soon after the download began, Grawp called, and we told him we were getting Smash Bros. We was so excited, he immediately pulled up his own game and was ready to answer any questions we may have. He got to the main menu and was like, "I have Smash, Spirits, Games & [something we don't remember], and Online. Do you have any questions about any of those?" He's so helpful. Of course, we had only just started the download, and it took about two hours to complete, so there was a lot of him telling us things like what characters he usually plays as while Athena made Miis, since playing Pokemon paused the download. He had to hang up before it finished, but he made darn sure to call later so we could play together. Not surprisingly, he destroyed Athena (he didn't give us time to see if we could set it up for more people to play). So we may have just murdered our free time for the foreseeable future, but I think we'll be okay, because he still has to abide by the schedule restrictions his parents put on him.

As for us, we're just happy that the game let us unlock Sheik and Zelda pretty early on. When we had the game to ourselves, we practiced as them for a while.

We also made baked cookies (from store-bought cookie dough), ordered pizza, and, of course, watched Miraculous. It was a really nice day, not having to work...oh wait, we did have to work. There were a couple of extra pages for a manga that needed doing ASAP. It only took about ten minutes, though. I think the original plan was to try to be productive again tomorrow, but what with Smash Bros. and plans to wake up early on Saturday (a tale for another time), we're just going to see how things go. We'll probably work some, and then the nephew will call...or maybe he won't but we'll get tired of working and play video games anyway. Or maybe we'll actually finish a whole chapter of Sailor V (ha ha ha!). I don't know. We'll see.

Today I'm thankful for the kind birthday wishes, the birthday gifts we received, getting to play a new(ish) video game, the yummy food we got to eat today, and making it through another year.