April 29th, 2020


V is for Very Much in Need of Chocolate

We meant to get a decent amount of work done today. Sort of. I mean, we jokingly made our minimum goal to finish the table of contents on this volume of Sailor V, and we did accomplish that much! ...It wasn't easy, though. We spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out the best way to romanize デブリーネ. No spoilers, though! You can read all about it in the translation note!

Then we spent about a zillion years trying to decide what to do about ハチマキ石. We still haven't finalized that one, but it's later in the book, so we figured we had some time to mull it over. It's frustrating, because the Japanese call it "hachimaki ishi," or "headband stone," and the Americans call the same sort of stone a "wishing stone." If we Google "headband stone" images (to see if maybe somebody in the English speaking world calls it the same thing as the Japanese), we really only get pictures of bedazzled headbands.

So we're likely to go with "wishing stone," or maybe "headband stone" with a note, but! the lore behind them that's used in the chapter supposedly comes from Russia. Not knowing Russian, we had a difficult time corroborating anything. But we did trying Google-translating "wishing stone" and "headband stone" from English into Russian and then doing an image search on that. We also tried Google-translating "headband stone" from Japanese into Russian and did an image search on that, with the same results as image search "headband stone" in English. Le sigh...

But we did finally finish the table of contents (except for the name of the stone), and we finally got to move on to the story! ...And we almost immediately got hung up looking for information on a chocolatier in Daikanyama that apparently hasn't been there for years. Ah, the joys of translating 20+-year-old manga... We did find evidence of its existence! But no official romaji spelling. And we spent way more time on it than we should have. We were at it for like an hour when Gaston called! And that was the signal of the end of our workday. We may or may not keep trying to find the name of that chocolatier (I think we've done all we could, aside from buying an old Tokyo travel guide from Yahoo! Auctions, which may or may not get to us in time to do anything with it).

But we're not going to work tomorrow, because it's our birthday! And the best thing we can get ourselves for our birthday is a day off. ...Actually several days off, but Sailor V stands in the way of that being a reasonable thing to do. We're going to feel so accomplished when it's done! Or destroyed. Or both!

Today I'm thankful for friends remembering our birthday, being (probably) done with the chocolate research (it was painful on multiple levels, including making us want chocolate), getting to take the day off tomorrow, getting to talk to our nephew on the phone (we didn't play Pokemon with him because it wasn't his turn on the Switch), and having some chocolate to help with those manga-induced cravings.