April 26th, 2020


Trying to do what we can

Today was a very busy Sunday. We decided to go ahead and keep making Singing Time videos for the Primary kids, and even though each video is only a few minutes long, they are surprisingly stressful. There's also a lot of trying to figure out the best positioning for the best camera angle, and I'm sure there are more experienced people out there who would be like, "That's your best camera angle?" and all I can say is...I'm sorry. We decided to make two this week, and we'll see how many we end up sharing at a time. They're currently both waiting for approval from the Primary presidency.

We also had a broadcast from our stake presidency, and it became apparent very early on that there was a central theme: family history work. Family history research is still something that we find to be extremely elusive, but we spent a little bit of time poking around and seeing what we could learn. We found a helpful website, The Family History Guide, that we think could maybe give us what we need, but it starts out with the very basics of how to use Family Search (or whatever service you choose to use; it seems to be very comprehensive). We already know how to look around Family Search, we just don't know how to actually do research. So we'll be looking into that more in the future.

The Singing Time videos took a lot out of us, and so did something else: an announcement that a Miraculous manga will be coming soon. We don't know anything about it except that it's official and it exists, but if they're having a Japanese manga artist adapt the series and choosing and/or writing the dialogue, such that they would need a Japanese to English translator, you can bet we want to be the team who gets that assignment. We've been considering our plan of action, and that's also expending a lot of energy.

And that's why we ended up watching two episodes of Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ tonight. It actually has some pretty useful tools not just for comedy performers, but for, like, translating comedy and even for living life. So we enjoy it. Plus it's pretty funny.

Today I'm thankful for having a couple more videos to share with the Primary kids, having a resource to hopefully help us unravel the mystery of family history, getting to watch more Comedy IQ, the song "I Will Walk with Jesus," and the cool air coming in from the window.