April 22nd, 2020



Today is another day of realizing that our life is full of monotony. I'm sorry; all we did today was work, Pokemon, and Miraculous. Pokemon was pretty uneventful, too. There are some Pokemon that you can only catch in foggy weather, and the world of Galar has some magic spell or something cast on it so that it never gets foggy until after you become the Pokemon Champion (at least, the internet tells us that's the only way to unlock foggy weather).

Nevertheless, we are mildly determined to catch those Pokemon before finishing the story. As a result, we spent most of today inspecting Dynamax dens, because the Pokemon that show up in them don't care about the weather. There are dozens of those, and while there's a set pool of Pokemon for each one, we don't know what the pools are, and which one you get is completely random, and you have to use Wishing Pieces, of which there are a finite amount (technically; you can get as many as you can afford, for the low low price of 3,000 watts!), and it's just entirely inefficient, and yet here we are doing it anyway. It yielded very little by way of results, but we did identify a den that seems likely to have a Mimikyu...if we're lucky.

The nephew has stopped calling, too. Our Pokemon adventures are of interest only to ourselves now. Well, that's okay. Tomorrow we have plans to minimize the Pokemon time in favor of renting Your Name from Amazon Prime. We figure it's about time we finally see it.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work a liiittle bit early, getting to watch Gamer 2.0 and Weredad today, getting to have a pizza for dinner, having plenty of watts, and being done with all the simulpubs for the week.