April 21st, 2020


Future Folktales

We finally finished that draft we've been trying to finish! Woohoo! It was looking a little iffy, too, because the simulpub we were working on took...about as long as expected. But the tankoubon we were working on went really fast! This is excellent news, because it means once we get the files for this week's other simulpub, we should be able to devote all our time to that tomorrow. That's the trouble with monthly simulpubs--they all come in at the same time.

And! we had enough time to try a new anime! Cecille had recommended Future Folktales, so we checked it out. It seems to be about a middle-eastern family in the future and their grandmother telling them old folktales from there. We really like learning about folktales from around the world, so we love the concept, but it's reminding us that folktales tend to move pretty slow when presented in half-hour anime episodes. I mean, the stories are usually pretty short, so you can tell them super fast. Then you try to fill up a whole twenty minutes... Anyway, we like it well enough, but we have to watch it just one episode at a time or we'll probably fall asleep. We fall asleep super easily these days.

Today I'm thankful for getting our laundry done, not having to do laundry again for a while, getting to try a new anime, finishing our ideal work quota, and catching a Goomy!