April 17th, 2020


Thinking about the future

The big news today is that Anime Expo is officially canceled this year. If I think about it for a few seconds, it starts to really bum me out, but on the bright side, I live way too much in the present to feel deeply affected by it right now. Right now, I'm more interested in the fact that we just beat the dragon gym leader in Pokemon, thus opening up the way to Route 10 and therefore (probably?) more Pokemon.

I'm also! interested in the fact that our birthday is in about two weeks, and there's approximately a 0% chance that we'll be able to celebrate the usual way by going to Disneyland. Obviously we're going to need an alternative plan, and I think it's clear that we would like it to involve Miraculous. Of course we'll be watching episodes, that goes without saying. But I'm not quite sure what else we can do. Maybe since Marinette is into fashion and Adrien is a model, we'll have a fashion show...but that involves physical effort, so we'll see. Maybe, because Marinette and her family love fighting games, we'll spend a bunch of time playing Smash Brothers. But not too much time, because then how will we watch Miraculous?

It would be neat if we could have Miraculous-themed treats, but we are so inept in the kitchen. Maybe we'll just splurge on a bunch of macarons from the internet. I don't know. We've never really been party planners.

Today I'm thankful for beating Raihan, finally finishing that simulpub chapter (oh my goodness, all the words...), getting to play with Grawp again, getting to have a Freschetta pizza for dinner, and getting to watch two great episodes of Miraculous.