April 16th, 2020


Not according to plan

We stayed up late watching Miraculous, but it's been that kind of day. We thought it would be a fairly normal one. We'd do a first draft of our next book assignment, the nephew would call at about four or five, and we'd play Pokemon until it was time to watch Miraculous. Simple, productive. Not what happened at all.

I mean, we did start a first draft of that assignment. But that was just while we waited for materials, because we had a surprise simulpub to work on! Our editor emailed and asked, "Hey, we have this long chapter, are you available to do it, like, right now?" And we have some extra time because this book we were supposed to work on is in a series that has historically been pretty easy, so we said, "Of course!" So as soon as we got the materials, we got to work on it. Then we had lunch, and right as we were settling back down at the computer...the nephew called.

And, even though we're really enjoying this simulpub, we weren't excited about work anyway (we're very tired, and the pull of Pokemon is very strong), and we love our nephew, so naturally we dropped everything and turned on the Switch. But then Grawp seems to be getting a little bored of what's currently available to him as far as online Pokemon options, so he started asking what other Switch games we have. We only have Pokemon Shield, Ring Fit Adventure, and Pokemon Home. Ha, ha, ha...we are boring. So he was all, "Don't you have Super Smash Brothers?" and we were all, "I wish..."

And then we were like, "We're grownups, and not currently in a broke spurt. We can have whatever video game we want, hashtag 'adulting like a boss.'" But of course we had to discuss it first, and we couldn't do that, because we were all playing Pokemon already. That's right, despite his current boredom with Pokemon, we were all playing it anyway. And we continued to play for like two hours.

Eventually, the boy left to go play in the yard, so we got a little bit of work done, then we went to have a snack. Once again, we weren't exactly excited to get back to work (maybe if we'd stop staying up late watching Miraculous we'd be less tired...but we'd also have a lot less joy in life), so when the phone started ringing again, we were more than happy to get back to Pokemon. (He did ask about Smash Brothers again, though. And you know, we do have a birthday coming up, so there's a good chance we'll get it as a gift to ourselves.)

So we had to work until dinner time, and it was all our own fault, because we were not adulting like bosses enough to say, "Hey, kid, it was fun, but we have to go earn a living now." But we did finish the first draft of that many-paged, very wordy simulpub! ...We just didn't finish the whole thing today, as we had originally planned. Heh heh heh...

By then we'd had enough Pokemon, so on Cecille's recommendation we watched "My Next Life as a Villainess: Long Superfluous Subtitle." Collapse )

Then we watched four episodes of Miraculous, and here we are.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play lots of Pokemon with our nephew, managing to finish a first draft of that chapter at least, getting to try out an intriguing new anime, getting to watch lots of Miraculous, and having a fun new simulpub to read.