April 15th, 2020


Quarantine things

Not much to report today, just the same old work, Pokemon, and Miraculous. We did come across an article on Facebook about how fear of the coronavirus is as bad as the virus itself, which is something I've suspected for a while. Looking at the numbers, the virus doesn't really seem to be that deadly... I mean, of course being deadly at all makes it something to be careful about, but my thinking was that being afraid of it probably does something to your immune system that makes you even more likely to die from a virus. But the article explains it way better than me, and it's by a doctor, so it has more credibility, so I'll just share a link to it.

I guess there is a small bit of other news, in that we made a miniature Singing Time video way back when this quarantine first started, as a way to maybe help the kids still have some contact with Primary leaders doing a Primary thing, and using a song that would hopefully give them some comfort during all this craziness. But because of the ancient technology we used, we couldn't get it on the internet to share with anyone, so we just hung onto it and almost forgot about it.

Then one of the counselors in the Primary presidency texted us to wish us a Happy Easter, and when we told her to say hi to her grandkids for us, she suggested we do a video call or something to sing with them. So we were like, "Actually, we already have a video, sort of..." And now we're slowly moving forward with sharing it with the Primary kids. We're currently at the "approved by most of the presidency" stage. But it's pretty far outside the comfort zone, so it's hard to make it a priority.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play lots of Pokemon, finally having a Rufflet!!!, getting to watch Syren and Zombizoo today, finishing our translation a little bit early, and getting to help Grawp catch a(nother) Gigantamax Charizard.