April 13th, 2020


Return to the Grocery Store

We put it off as long as we could, and in fact we even ordered pizza (contactless delivery...or we all tried, anyway) so we could put it off a little longer, but alas, we had to make the trek to the grocery store again today. That's how we remembered that going to the grocery store on weekdays wreaks havoc with our schedule. But havoc had already been wrought, because our nephew used the last day of his spring break to play Pokemon with us! That part's actually really happy. We do seem to be cursed to not get a Rufflet, though. He insisted on catching a Braviary, and we were like, "But you need a Rufflet on your Pokedex, too! ...You know what, never mind. You go take that Braviary to the nursery and get us an egg. (And get yourself an egg while you're at it, because you need to fill up your own Pokedex, too, young man.)"

So we're playing Pokemon together, and he had two eggs because he was breeding an Applin, I think so he could give it to us and we could evolve it into a Flapple. (He actually already traded us a Flapple that Grandma had traded to him. Grandma wasn't too happy when we let it slip to her that that had happened, but we were on a conference call with the two of them when she gave him that Flapple, and we overheard him trading her the Rapidash we had given him. In fact, he may have even traded her the Rapidash for that Flapple. Either way, it's really not a big deal, because a lot of the time when Grawp trades a Pokemon, it's because he thinks it's really cool and he wants to share. Today he gave Athena an Orbeetle, and he was like, "I know you already have one, but this one's better." (It was Gigantamax, and ours is not. But we love it because we raised it from a little Blipbug... The road to Pokemon mastery can be a cruel one.))

Anyway. We started trading Pokemon, and he gave us an egg. He couldn't remember which was which, but he had a good feeling it was the Rufflet egg. We had more Pokemon to trade to him, though, so he traded us the Orbeetle...and we were like, "What about that other egg?" "Oh yeah!" So he traded us the other egg, and off we went to hatch them. The first one...was Applin! We said to ourselves, "It's a good thing we made sure to get that other egg." So we hatched that one and...it was Skorbunny! And we were like, "What...?" so we said to Grawp, "Hey, that egg was a Skorbunny!" and he was like, "What!? ...Oh yeah." Apparently he had stopped playing before his Braviary and Ditto had an egg last night. We all laughed...and didn't get back to trading. But we did each catch each other a Basculin (of course they haven't been traded yet).

But this post was supposed to be about the grocery store! ...Eh, it's not that interesting. Except for the actual trek to the store. We saw a dead mouse on the sidewalk! It made us think of the black plague, but we've heard that once the animal is dead, the fleas leave, so we probably don't have to worry about that... Then we got to the store, and there were three cop cars outside it, and a couple of cops talking to a woman sitting on the curb. We have no idea what that was about.

The rules had changed for the grocery store yet again, but this time, instead of cold, unfeeling duct tape, the floor was marked with fancy printed decals, so that was a little less intimidating. What was a little more intimidating was that the one set of doors was turned into an entrance-only (which was fine; we prefer the other set of doors anyway), with a sort of labyrinth set up to direct you all the way to the one side of the store. The idea, I guess, is to zigzag through all the aisles, with one-way traffic in each one to prevent people from crossing each other's paths. It was just as well, though, because now that they've disrupted our normal route through the store, it helps to go past everything--that way we see the stuff we don't get every trip and remember that we need to get it.

And that's pretty much it. It wasn't really any worse than before, just different, and still a pain in the neck. I will be so glad when we can go back to normal grocery shopping. But the other encouraging thing is that they weren't completely out of paper products, so there's a good chance that when we need toilet paper again, we'll be able to get it. I hope.

Today I'm thankful for having two Skorbunnies, getting to play Pokemon with our nephew, managing to get our work quota done despite the unusual schedule, getting groceries without too much more scariness, and having a new flavor of mug cake to try.