April 8th, 2020


Resuming the routine

We finally got a decent amount of work done today! Woohoo! And we didn't have to push ourselves to work overtime, which is even better.

Since we had time, we watched the season finale of Locke & Key, and the bad decisions just kept going and going. After episodes seven and eight, I felt like they were finally starting to make good decisions, but nope. I'm kind of annoyed with the ending, because there are still so many loose threads, and they didn't even get close to answering any of the questions I had at the very beginning of the series...I mean, of course they didn't--those are like last season type questions. But the good guys keep making bad decisions and the bad guys keep getting what they want, and I want to get all the answers, but I'm not sure my patience can take it.

Anyway. One of the few noticeable affects the quarantine has had on our lives is that we've decided that ice cream is a viable dinner option. But our freezer is so cold that it makes ice cream rock hard, so if we want to eat any, we have to let it thaw in the fridge for about half an hour. We had to find something to do in the meantime, and checking out a new anime series seemed like a good idea. And! we recently discovered that Beastars is a "Netflix Original," which these days always has us wondering one this: is the voice of Chat Noir in the French dub? Somehow this has become an important thing for us to discover, even though we're still going to watch everything in the original language.

So we watched the first episode of Beastars. And it was pretty interesting...like Zootopia, but, like...more serious? I don't know. It will be hard to make a truly accurate comparison based on just one episode. The character designs are pretty weird, though. Rabbit people and wolf people having hands with fingers and opposable thumbs makes sense to us, but we're having a harder time accepting it from deer people and sheep people. Anyway, the first episode still has you going, "Wha...?" so I guess the jury is still out on it until we've seen a few more. The characters seem likable enough to start with though.

And of course the most important thing! is that yes, the voice of Chat Noir is in the French dub, but his character is not in the first episode...as far as we know. It's possible he is, but we didn't catch that name. It sometimes takes us a while to know all the characters' names. And not only that, but the voice of Ladybug is in it, too! Also not in the first episode, as far as we know. If we had watched it in French, we might know, but we didn't, because we watched it in the original language. So really, it's rather nonsensical, but sometimes you just need to be nonsensical. Although I did think it could be an interesting linguistic exercise to watch Seven Deadly Sins in French with Japanese subtitles.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota without any trouble, getting to finish the first season of Locke & Key, getting to try a new anime, the yummy ice cream we had for dinner, and also getting to watch two episodes of Miraculous.