April 5th, 2020


A musical sort of day

I have a parody version of "One Day More" in my head, which is a little strange because we just watched The Whale that Wanted to Sing at the Met, which doesn't have that song in it at all, but it actually isn't that weird that I have the song in my head, since we watched the parody video of it at least twice today. There's a bunch of videos going around the social medias (<--I was using that word facetiously, but my browser's spell check is not telling me it's wrong...) that are parodies with new lyrics written about the coronavirus, and most of them seem to be all, "Hey, look at me, I'm a Singer!" But the "One Day More" one is a family that seems to be like, "Hey, we're a musical family, and this is a fun thing we thought of while stuck indoors together, so enjoy it everybody!"

That, plus the fact that I love me some ensemble numbers, is why it's our favorite coronavirus parody song out there, and why we've watched it so many times. Incidentally, we have not seen any version of Les Miserables (in the brief period when we took voice lessons, "Castle on a Cloud" was performed by other students of our teacher about a billion times, and we didn't much care for it), but now we're interested in renting the Hugh Jackman version from Amazon. But we're still in a broke spurt, and then who knows when we'll have the time...

Anyway. Today was day two of General Conference, and it, too, was pretty great. I think the consensus is that our favorite talk was Elder Holland's talk about hope, but there were plenty of good ones. It was cool to get to be part of the Hosanna Shout again. The last time we did that was...at least 20 years ago...we were in Young Women...but I don't remember what the occasion was. It might have been the same occasion from which they used the recording of the Tabernacle Choir singing the Hosanna Anthem, which was also really cool. But what really got us was the end of the afternoon session today, when they had choirs from around the world sing "We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet." After the different choirs sang the three verses, we were all supposed to join in for a repeat of the first verse, but we were crying too hard to sing! I kind of regret that part, because it's so cool to be part of something like that, but oh well, that's life sometimes.

Our exhaustion over the weekend, and our lightened workload, has us thinking we'll take the day off tomorrow so we can sleep in. But we can't just goof around all day, because we really need to get all our tax information in to our accountant. That's another reason we're taking the day off--if we do any of our normal job, then when we're finished we'll be like, "That's it, no more work!" and put it off until Saturday, and that will be cutting it a liiiiittle too close to Tax Day. Of course, everyone's getting extra time because of the quarantine and everything, but we'd rather just get it out of the way.

Today I'm thankful for another great General Conference, reminders that there is always hope, really cool worldwide choir numbers, fun song parodies, and getting to watch Make Mine Music.