April 2nd, 2020


Surprise! It's more dialogue.

Our schedule for next week has hit a bit of a snag. See, there's this series we're doing, and we did the first volume a little while ago and it was great! There were a couple of dialects that had us worried, but it was dramatic and action-packed, and even though it was sci-fi and political and philosophical, it didn't get too technical and it was pretty easy to deal with. And most of all, there were a ton of pages that were just sound effects. So we figured if we had a week to work on it, we would be fine.

Well, this week we were supposed to finish Fire Force, which is looking less likely because we had a rush project come in and then the simulpubs were tricky. But that's okay, because this new series shouldn't take too long. We were planning to be able to take it easy anyway, so now it will just be a little less easy.

Except. We started on the first draft of it today (because we also finished our first draft of Fire Force, and it's usually better to get some distance before starting another draft), and the second volume of this series is some bizarro alternate world version of it or something. And it's a comedy, which will probably help as far as not having to worry too much about exposition or deep nuance or anything like that, but it means there is a ton of dialogue. And there's about a billion pages. We may have to work overtime next week.

But for tomorrow, we will just go back to Fire Force and pretend everything is okay. On the last couple of pages (of the story), there are several city signs that all manage to remind us of Sailor Moon. We're wondering if Ohkubo-sensei's trip to Anime Expo somehow got him talking about that particular series.

Today I'm thankful for having a bit of a head start on the volume that's going to be more time-consuming than we thought, oddly timely chapters, getting to go back and watch some of the earlier episodes of Miraculous, not having any Pokemon spoilers at Piers's gym, and finding out that RightStuf! has all of Miraculous season one on DVD (we would have ordered it immediately, buuuut we're going through another broke spurt).