March 23rd, 2020



These last couple of days have not been good ones for us and punctuation. We got an email from our editor on Sailor V begging us to put "real" punctuation before things like heartmarks and stars in the next volume. Before we managed to respond to it, she had already sent another one asking us to turn in a new version of volume one with more periods and exclamation points and whatnot. I felt bad about it, because we know everyone's stressed out to the max right now, and here we are adding to her workload because of our stubborn insistence that hearts and stars are punctuation.

Nevertheless, we haven't changed our minds on that point. So we did go ahead and changed it like she asked, since there are "rules" and whatever, but we did also include in the email that it killed us a little having to do that. I do hope that didn't make things worse, but we think it's okay because we also promised to have "real" punctuation in volume two. Things like Sailor V are the worst for that kind of thing, because there are hearts and stars all over the place, and it's time-consuming enough as it is. If only America would hop on the hearts and stars bandwagon, there wouldn't have been a problem... I mean, we already use emojis all over the place, and apparently we've also adopted the practice of using question marks for declarative statements, so why not hearts and stars, I ask you!

So that had us a little grumpy, but! after we did that, we finally listened to our Land of the Lustrous soundtrack, and oh my goodness, you guys, it's so pretty! It was very soothing, and we were working on Hatsu*Haru today, too, which is as great as ever, and that helped us feel better, too.

Today I'm thankful for getting to use whatever punctuation I want in my blog, having lots of time to play Pokemon today, finally evolving Trubbish, a very shiny Land of the Lustrous soundtrack, and getting to work on Hatsu*Haru♥