March 22nd, 2020



Week two of canceled church...and maybe it's already having a negative impact on me, because I'm already getting into linguistic disputes on the internet. ...Eh, who am I kidding? I would have gotten into that argument whether or not I'd been to church today. I just don't understand why there has been such a spike in question mark usage among kids these days. Why would you use a question mark instead of an exclamation point? We already have exclamation points! ...I wonder if it has to do with phone keyboards... Hmmm...

Anyway. Today was not entirely devoid of church meetings, either. Our stake presidency made use of fancy-shmancy new technology to have a live broadcast that we could watch from home! It was kind of neat, I guess. The message was pretty much what you'd expect: these are trying times, but the Lord is in charge, so just do what you can to follow the precautions and be careful, and watch out for each other, etc. It really is a great thing that we can still stay in touch with each other even when in quarantine. As long as the internet is working, nobody's really cut off from anybody else. Unless the other person doesn't have internet or a phone or anything... They're rare, but those people do still exist!

...I don't know. I'm rambling because I'm still riled up over that question mark debate. I know it's a silly thing to get riled up over, but it kiiiiind of ended in a, "Well, we all know valley girls are condescending," comment that has me more than a little irked, as the person who was like, "Look, I grew up in SoCal, and where I'm from upspeak comes across like this." Instead of calling out the person who said it, we kind of ran away...after posting a link to a Studio C sketch about a lawyer who makes everything sound like he's asking a question. It was kind of a, "Well, you're still wrong, so there! *run away!*" situation, and we're not proud of it. I mean, we didn't intend to run away, but nobody said anything after that, so we closed the chat room and went off to watch The Story Trek.

Anyway, Page is awful cute. Oh! And we did have happier things to talk about! Sort of. We read some manga today! Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki and Our Precious Conversations. They're so great. Of course, the latter makes me a little grumpy that we'll never get to translate it, but maybe I should just be glad that it's less work for me to do. It's hard, though. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read some nice manga, getting a nice message of encouragement from the stake presidency and the area authorities, getting to stay inside where it's dry during this rainy weather, the mild amusement it brings to think of excusing every typo with "language is evolving, okay?", and Page being super cute as usual.