March 21st, 2020


Grocery store adventures

So now that California is officially under lockdown, everybody's out and about! There were kids playing outside, people out walking, pretty much the same number of cars on the road...but I guess people aren't too worried about spreading disease if they're still in their cars. Except maybe for the one lady who was honking at everything. I'm not sure what her deal was.

Anyway. We went outside, too, but within the legal limit! Because we had to go grocery shopping. This week's experience was much different than last weeks, but maybe even more disorienting. Less infuriating, though. When we got to the store, the entrance we normally use was closed, so we went to the other side and found a line to get in. There was a store worker standing at the entrance like a Disneyland attractions cast member, letting people in...I'm not sure what the rule was on when it was okay to let more people in, though, because I don't remember seeing people come out when they let the people in front of us in. Oh well.

Maybe because they were limiting the number of people inside, or maybe because all the panic-buyers had already stocked up, the shelves weren't quite as empty, although there were still about zero paper products. We did manage to get some cheese pizza this time, we figure it was pretty much a win. We thought about getting more pasta and/or eggs, but those were all gone, too. So for now, we have our usual pizza, the pasta we have left from previous shopping trips, and a whole bunch of chips, snack crackers, and Chex Mix. I think it will be more than enough to last us until next time, and we can only hope people will have stopped hoarding by then.

We came home and finally were able to almost binge on Pokemon, so that's what we did for most of the rest of the day. We also caught up on anime, and of course, we watched Miraculous. It wasn't quite as much relaxing as we wanted, but it was still good.

Today I'm thankful for having cheese pizza again, our grocery store trip being less infuriating this week, getting to play lots of Pokemon, the new event that lets us catch Sword-only Pokemon, and remembering that we have the Land of the Lustrous soundtrack to listen to during work next week.