March 17th, 2020



Nothing new to report happened today, so I guess I'll talk about the two podcasts we listened to on...Friday? Saturday? One of those days. We haven't been able to listen to any podcasts since then, because work has been taking too long, but maybe posting about them will miraculously unlock whatever it is that will help work go faster. I don't know.

Anyway. First we tried the British History Podcast. It was recommended by lyschan, and we're interested in know the stories of everything, so we checked it out. I admit we were disappointed pretty early on when the podcaster turned out to have an American accent. What can I say? We're suckers for accents...I mean, other than our own accent. It's just so commonplace, you know? At any rate, in his introduction he said he was going to go into the stories more than the cold facts, and we really like that approach...but we ended up giving up on it pretty quickly. I'm sure he covers a lot of fascinating information, but I think there was a personality clash, and we couldn't listen anymore.

Then we remembered that Ken Jennings has been plugging his podcast on the weekly trivia email he sends out, so we decided to check that one out. It's called Omnibus, and oh my goodness, it is awesome and ridiculous, which is just what we like about things. The idea is that it's a sort of time capsule designed to preserve esoteric knowledge that Ken Jennings and his co-host John Roderick are afraid may be lost otherwise. And boy do they know how to commit to a premise! They're always addressing the future civilization that will supposedly find the podcast, and speculating what sort of beings they might be. But the best part about the premise is that it gives them an excuse to explain every little thing that gets mentioned (like when the Hapsburgs came up in passing) without sounding condescending to the listeners. I mean, either way, it would be like, "Oh, you probably don't know this, so let me explain," but by making their audience an imaginary future civilization, they're not insulting the intelligence of any current-day listeners who might be like, "Ugh, of course I know that." But they do concede that the future people have likely heard of some really famous Earth concepts and people, like the Beatles and the Wyld Stallyns.

And the topics they cover...well, we've only heard the introduction episode and the one about defenestration so far, but it basically it history and stories...just not presented as chronologically as in the British History Podcast. And they make a lot of jokes and it's a lot of fun, so I highly recommend it! I've been eagerly awaiting our chance to listen to another episode while raising Pokemon, but so far we just haven't had the chance. Maybe soon...

Today I'm thankful for the yummy mint chip ice cream we wouldn't have bought if all our regular staples hadn't been panic-bought by other people, managing to meet our work quota today, the Omnibus podcast, the super bittersweet episode of Chihayafuru this week (I just hope it means things will be that much better when they're all resolved), and finally getting to talk to Mom this week.