March 16th, 2020


Close call

With all the everything being canceled, we've seen people talking about how it's not a great year to be alive. I think that any year you're alive is going to have its ups and downs, so I don't think it really can be a "bad" year to be alive, but I do think there are good and bad times for other things. For example, this last weekend, we decided that laundry can wait, and it turned out that could have been a very bad weekend to decide such a thing.

This morning, our apartment management sent an email out to all the residents letting us know that all amenities would be immediately closed until further notice. And our first thought was, "Oh, snap, we have to do laundry." I mean, really, in an apartment complex where the units do not have their own washers and dryers, it seems to me that it would be against CDC protocol to not let people clean their clothes. We floated some ideas around, like just buying more clothes (nixed due to our current broke spurt), or maybe getting one of those foot-powered washing machines (nixed because of the aforementioned broke spurt plus neither of us has the energy to keep a machine like that going). I mean, the smart thing to do is just to call management, and we probably would have done something akin to that, except that when we have a lot of work to do, as we do this week, we let ourselves forget about everything else (except for Miraculous and Pokemon, of course).

But the good news! is that later in the day, we got another email from the management saying the laundry room is open!! Huzzah!! It turned out to be the exact same email as before, only with an added clause (in bold italics) excepting the laundry facility. What a relief! ...But we still didn't do laundry today, because work took way longer than we wanted it to. We better not procrastinate too long, though, or we might run into a similar problem somehow.

Today I'm thankful for eventually meeting our work quota, work being pretty fun anyway, getting to play Pokemon with the nephew, still currently having access to a laundry facility, and evolving two more Pokemon today.