March 14th, 2020


Panic at the grocer's

Oh my gosh, you guys, this panic about the corona virus is now officially impacting me in a negative way and I do not like it. I mean, I totally understand about the social distancing thing--that seems like a reasonable, non-panicky way...I mean, it seems non-panicky to me, because Athena and I are social distancing all the time anyway. We read an article today that was all, "I know it sounds extreme but you MUST STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE!" and we were like, "...How is that extreme, exactly?"

I may have mentioned, but with Disneyland closed and church meetings canceled until further notice, Athena and I now effectively have no reason to leave our apartment...except one. We still have to buy food. We figured it wouldn't be that big a deal, because we went grocery shopping last week and everything seemed fine and calm, and the toilet paper was even on sale and not running out! There was plenty of it! We bought some, because we were out. And it's a good thing, too, because man oh man.

Even thinking grocery shopping wouldn't be a big deal, we still didn't want to do it, because all the cancellations of everything just has us wanting to stop doing the stuff we hafta do and spend all our time playing Pokemon. Nevertheless, we were running out of food, so we embarked on our weekly shopping trip. And it was bad, you guys. ...I mean, everyone was civil. Despite the unnatural amounts of egg cartons or wine bottles or cookie boxes or whatever in each cart, everybody seemed calm. The paper products were indeed gone (I almost wonder if all the hype about toilet paper hoarding has people doing it for laughs or something, because it doesn't make that much sense), as well as other products here and there. The most egregious lack was found in the freezer aisle where we usually buy our main staple of cheese pizza. But someone had cleaned that out, so there was none.

There were people everywhere, which really seemed to defeat the purpose of social distancing, and also made it harder to get around, and worst of all, the lines were pretty much across the store. The good news is that, since we couldn't get any cheese pizza, we knew we'd have room in our freezer for ice cream...but the lines were so long that, in order to obtain said ice cream, we had to wait in the line that went by the ice cream and choose our flavors as the line brought us past the Haagen Dazs. And that may be our dinner a few nights this week, since they were out of pasta, too. But hey, it has sugar, fat, and protein, so that's basically all you need for fuel right there. The other good news is that, when we got close enough to see the actual checkout counter, it turned out that our best checker friend was running that line, so that was nice.

And then we stopped to say hello to our friend in the floral department...who was coughing up a storm! Oh no! We hope she's okay. She had a good attitude, though, and she wasn't coughing on us, so we're not worried about that, but she was coughing on a bunch of bouquets... Fortunately, I think most of the people at the store today were not interested in buying flowers (although I bet they'd do a lot to brighten up a lonely quarantine).

Anyway, crowded grocery stores make us grumpy, so when we got home, it was time for Pokemon. And that's pretty much what we did for the rest of the day. We figured it might be a good idea to listen to something entertaining and/or educational, so the endless Pokemon battles didn't get too monotonous, so we tried out a couple of podcasts, but I think I'll write more about those later.

Today I'm thankful for getting in and out of the grocery store, surviving the madness (whether or not we're unscathed is yet to be determined), finding something to eat this week, getting to have pie for Pi Day (Marie Callender's mini chocolate satin pies), and evolving a couple more Pokemon.