March 11th, 2020


My Monster Secret volume 19

Anime News Network informed us today that volume 21 of Noragami has finally hit bookstore shelves. It feels like we translated it forever ago, but maybe it was just last October or November... At any rate, that had me thinking, because it's the first Noragami since we started Review Rednesdays that we didn't write a review for. So I wondered if there were any books out that we have written reviews for and not posted. The first one on our list (and possibly the only one; we found one and immediately decided to post it) is My Monster Secret 19, which Amazon tells us came out in January!
So here's our review of it! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

We do have a review of the next volume of this series, but not of either of the two last ones. It's sad, but what's done (or not done) is done (and still not done (the memories are way too fuzzy to try to do it now)). On the bright side(?), we just got our comp copies of this volume and the previous one today! Anyway, it is a nice series, and I'm glad we got to translate it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to post a review, making really good progress on work, getting to evolve some more Pokemon, having time to exercise, and finally hearing about one of our favorite titles that we translate and hadn't heard about in a very long time.