March 6th, 2020


Keep it down!

Well, we overdid it again today. Not with work, although we did work a little longer than we had hoped. It was the Ring Fit Adventure. Too many leg scissors. Our energy, it is gone. And then we spent a while trying to evolve Shelmet and Karrablast, and tried a few things based on what we knew...and that wasn't working, so I gave up and checked the internet, and it turns out we have to trade them, and now we are annoyed. We may or may not call the nephew tomorrow.

But all was not lost, for we got to watch Miraculous, and that helped us feel better as usual (usual except in the case of The Battle of the Miraculous, which makes us feel sad, but we watched that last night, so today we were good). But we're having a bit of trouble with our nighttime TV habits, because on Monday we got a notice informing us that the neighbors have been complaining about noise coming from our apartment. They tried to make it all anonymous and stuff, but we are not very loud people. The only person it could have been is the neighbor whose bedroom shares a wall with ours.

So thanks to the complaint, we discovered (or re-discovered, because it never really mattered until now, so we didn't bother to remember) that our complex has a noise curfew of ten pm. We usually turn the TV off a little after nine, but last weekend we got reckless. We might have been watching a little past ten on Friday, and we definitely watched an episode after ten on Saturday. I'm pretty sure that's what prompted the complaints. We can hear our neighbor snoring relatively early in the night, so we're pretty sure their sleep was disturbed by our antics. We don't want to make people's lives miserable, but we also have a dire need to watch Miraculous, so we're trying to be accommodating. We keep the volume just a little lower (down from eight (out of 100) to six), and we keep an eye on the time. And besides, we're really tired ourselves, so it's not a bad idea to make sure to get to bed sooner. But I admit it's less appealing to do it when I feel like I'm being forced. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for having a schedule that usually doesn't cause problems for the neighbors, not dying from the Ring Fit Adventures, mostly finishing our work quota today, knowing to stop leveling up Karrablast and Shelmet for now, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.