March 2nd, 2020



We just had a couple of simulpubs to work on today, so we thought it would be an easy day. It was not. I mean, when one of the simulpubs is UQ Holder!, we do expect it to be on the wordy side, but this month's chapter was EVEN WORDIER than usual. Not an easy feat to accomplish, but Akamatsu is a man of many talents. Mostly involving lots of words. Out of curiosity, we checked an old UQ Holder! script from back when it was a weekly series and compared its length to an Edens Zero script. The UQ Holder! translation (representing sixteen pages of manga) was more than twice as long as the average Edens Zero one (which represented twenty pages of manga).

But! we did it anyway! and we finished and finally had time to play Pokemon! ...Just kidding. We decided to be responsible and exercise first. And that made us all the more grumpy when, during the exercise, Gaston called to say hey I'm coming down tomorrow for Disneyland. Because right now all we really want to do in life is play Pokemon (we have to level up all our Pokemon to restore their honor after Saturday) and watch Miraculous, and after giving up time we could have been doing that in order to maybe make ourselves healthier, we find out we get to give up more time tomorrow to go to Disneyland instead.

I mean, if it were really that much of a problem, we could just say no. But we also realize that there's more to life than Pokemon and Miraculous (although it is a little difficult to believe the latter), and we are at a place in work where we can afford to give up that time. And it's important to see real people and all that stuff. So we'll go and we'll have a good time, but we just had to stop watching Miraculous so we could go to sleep, because we're realizing another one of the problems we have in life is that we're not getting quiiiiite enough of that. So we better get going.

Today I'm thankful for plans to spend time with friends at Disneyland, finishing our simulpub translations, finally getting a Frosmoth, getting to watch Cat Blanc again, and our daffodils still being in full bloom.