March 1st, 2020


Magic kinda happens I guess

We disappeared yesterday! Because we had Stake Conference this week, and that resulted in us being up too late last night to post anything. We had to get to bed so we could get up for more church this morning! There were some great talks, but after being in the Primary so long, our attention spans are not used to two-hour meetings anymore.

I did want to talk about the parade at Disneyland, but first a story. Yesterday we joined Mom and Grawp in a Dynamax battle to fight Mewtwo. This battle was attempted several times because Mewtwo is very powerful and hard to beat. And in the first two attempts, Mewtwo targeted Athena's Pokemon first and wiped it out in one hit. The second time it happened, Mom was prompted to make a comment, which Grawp dutifully repeated to us, "Grandma wants you to know your Pokemon are worthless." We were already grumpy because of other things that had happened, and so we were in No Mood to be trash talked by someone who was supposed to be on our team, so Athena made her displeasure known with a sarcastic, "Thanks, Mom." There may have been a follow-up comment such as, "That really makes us feel good about ourselves," or something of that flavor, but at any rate, Hagger tried to make us feel better by explaining, "I think she just means your Pokemon are weak because they're not at good levels." ...Thanks. That...that really helps.

Well, at least he tried.

But anyway, Collapse )

Oh! One more thing I have to mention, that doesn't have anything to do with Disneyland. When we went to the grocery store yesterday, our friend in the florist department gave us each a bundle of daffodil stems. She told us to put them in water and by tomorrow (which is now today), we'd have some bright happy daffodils to look at! So we did, and oh my goodness, they're so cute! We always saw daffodils in cartoons, and we even saw some on campus at BYU, and we thought they were so cute, but also had this vibe like they're not really a thing. But now we have some (at least for a few days) and they're the best!

Today I'm thankful for our lovely bunches of daffodils, getting to see the fancy new half-parade at Disneyland, our curiosity being satisfied so we don't have to face the madness to see it again, getting to try some hot cocoa rolls (like cinnamon rolls, only with chocolate instead of cinnamon), and getting to trade Pokemon with Grawp to evolve some guys and fill up our Pokedex some more.