February 19th, 2020


Sailor Moon Eternal Edition volume 7

Oh man, we just watched the finale of season three of Miraculous again, and arrrrrrrgh. It wasn't quite as bad when we knew what was coming, but it still hurts. There were a few new details we noticed that give us hope...I mean, of course, there's hope, because the way the whole entire show is set up, it can't possibly end any other way than the way we want it to, but in the meantime, the show is doing its darndest to convince us otherwise. (Athena says, "I'm not buying it, Show. And I'm grumpy that you're not showing me that you're lying to me!" You know. Because we have to wait for season four to actually be made before we can watch it.)

But that's okay, because! we have a volume of Sailor Moon to review!! Tadah!! So here it is! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Oh man, it's a shame we had to stop writing reviews, because we are hilarious (modest, too!). Maybe we'll start it up again, but I'm sad to report, I think it's too late to write reviews for the final two volumes of the Eternal Edition. We do have a review for volume eight, though!

At any rate, that was a great pick-me-up after that tragic season finale.

Today I'm thankful for really fun Sailor Moon reviews, little details in the Miraculous season three finale that keep the hope alive, knowing people who can identify harps and lyres, evolving two more Pokemon (we finally have a Meowstic!), and finishing our main work quota today.