January 19th, 2020


I'm sleepy

Wow, you guys, the latest season of Relative Race is the super emotionalist. There's still two episodes left, and it's been such a roller coaster that even we're not sure we can take it anymore, and we're just watching it. The Black Team got knocked out of the game in episode seven and they almost looked happy about it. Then the Red Team managed to not get knocked out in episode eight, and one of them was like, "...no..." And we really can't blame her. It's been exhausting, but in a good way, I think. We'll be watching the finale next week!

As for this week, in addition to watching Relative Race, we had more pancake adventures! We bought a thing...I don't know if it's called a skillet or a griddle or what because "cooking" is really not one of the things I'm knowledgeable about, but it's the thing that you put over two burners on the stove. When we had pancakes before, we just had the one frying pan, and we always ended up with about fourteen pancakes, so it took quite a while to cook up all the batter. Now we can do six at once! So the cooking time was dramatically reduced, and we were able to actually eat much much sooner, so that was nice.

Our new grillet thingie did come with a warning about not letting your pet bird fly around while cooking because the non-stick coating could create fumes that it might be sensitive to (I stopped reading before it got to the part about whether it would kill the bird or just make it sick), so that's mildly alarming, but none of us felt particularly ill or lightheaded, so we think it's okay. And while we were eating, we discussed ideas for new pancakes. Like, after you flip the pancake to cook the other side, put some tomato sauce and cheese on it and make a pizzancake! Tadah! We're not going to open a restaurant.

We also had a surprisingly good turnout at choir practice today! This may have had something to do with the bishopric counselor who announced it pointing out that the stake president wants the choir to sing at Ward Conference on Feb.9 (which was not something we had heard, but fortunately we already knew ward choirs are always supposed to sing at Ward Conference, so we're one step ahead of the communiques!), combined with a talk from the Relief Society president about being more committed. I'm pretty sure ward choir was far from her mind when she decided to speak on that subject (especially since she didn't come to choir practice), but if it helped, we're glad. Especially because the song we chose is a little bit trickier than we remember. The first time we did it, we had a choir where the men had strong anchors, so we forgot that the men's part was hard. Ha, ha, ha... But! we believe in them, and we still have three whole weeks!

Today I'm thankful for everybody who came to choir practice today, being able to cook pancakes way faster, getting to hear about our niece pretending to call us on the phone, getting to start tomorrow with a boost from our favorite weekly simulpub, and so far not being killed by fumes from our non-stick pancake grilling apparatus.