January 16th, 2020


Hanging out with our nephew

Oh my goodness, it was so cute, you guys. We got a call from Grawp, and as soon as Athena picked it up, he was like, "I tried to call you yesterday, but you didn't pick up!" and it was so pouty and adorable. Of course we sincerely apologized, because we really were very sorry, and then we were able to get to business. But he didn't want to tell us his exciting Pokemon news; he wanted to show us. So we turned on the game and did some Max Raid Battles. He got the super fancy Pokemon that does a ton of damage to Dynamax Pokemon. So we easily defeated some five-star Dynamax Pokemon.

He was also like, "You know [redacted]?" and we were like, "Yeah, so?" and he was like, "They're actually evil!" And we were like, "Kid, you do not understand spoilers." But it was okay, because we kind of saw it coming already, and he's so excited to tell people stuff, and we're grownups.

The especially unusual thing about this particular call is that it came before we even had lunch, even though the kid should have been at school today. We had been work work working as usual, and our phones went off to announce new messages in our family group text, and we were like, "Eh, we'll check that later." Especially because we had just checked texts a few minutes ago, and we were just getting back to work. Well, a few minutes later is when Grawp called, so after we cleared up the business about missing his call yesterday, Athena said, "Shouldn't you be in school?" and we hear his mother in the background, "You got a text about that."

So we finally checked our texts, and apparently he got sent home early because he broke a tooth! Oh my goodness! Of course, we asked him about it, and he didn't seem to care at all. I mean, he was clearly fine, playing Pokemon like normal, but he did say "ow" a couple of times when the pain got him. Apparently he was playing Frisbee with his class, and...it was a little fuzzy, but the important thing is, even with all the tooth-breaking going on, he did catch the Frisbee. I'm also glad he wasn't interested in sharing any gory details.

In other news, we did finish our first draft of My Monster Secret 22, and you guys, it is so sweet. And if we can finish our edit of it tomorrow, we will be caught up on work! But we'll still have to work on Saturday, because we have some Edens Zero extras to translate. Then we can take Sunday off and we'll get to Saint Young Men on Monday. That has the potential to take the whole week, but our next book after that is a lot less time-consuming, so we can stop rushing on everything. And maybe actually get some chores done or something.

Today I'm thankful for getting to apologize to Grawp for missing his call, getting to hear/see his exciting news, the incident that sent him home from school not being too serious, finishing our first draft of My Monster Secret 22, and finally getting to see an episode of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun.