December 31st, 2019


2019 in review

Well, we spent most of the day frantically trying to finish this one translation. We came kind of maybe sorta close, but we didn't succeed. And so everything gets pushed back a little more. I like to think it's not getting pushed back too far, but we won't know until tomorrow.

But in the meantime, it's New Year's Eve! And that means New Year's Eve meme! ...Or whatever they're calling these things nowadays. Anyway, let's have a year in review, featuring the first snippets of the first post from each month!

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Yuuuuup, that's our year in a nutshell. I mean, it might seem a little skewed with the simulpubs, because UQ Holder always comes in around the beginning of the month, but it's still not too inaccurate.

I usually like to take some time at the end of the year to look back on everything, but we've barely had time to process anything not work-related these last couple of days. And I think that's likely to continue. Still, I have a few minutes now.

Despite the super-crunches that came along at the end of the year, I think this year has actually been slightly less busy than the couple of years before. I mean, I kind of get the feeling we basically took July off. Not so good for our finances, but we needed it for our mental health. Unfortunately, we didn't get to recharge completely, but we did recharge to a point where we're functional again. Hopefully our current super-crunch won't destroy all that.

But! this year brought some things that have really enlivened us! First, there was Kingdom Hearts III, which is a visually stunning game, I will give it that. We were a little disappointed in the story, but Sora is just as lovable as ever. And now we get to translate the manga! And hopefully make the dialogue better!

Even more than that, though, was the return (to our lives) of Miraculous. I think this show has probably done more to invigorate us than...I don't know, I wanted to say something to express how much life it has given us, but I have a hard time expressing my own emotions. Basically, I'm pretty sure it's what's kept us going these last several months. I mean, not that life has been terrible, just that our load has been heavy and we are very tired. Miraculous gives us the energy we need to keep going. We're so excited to get more! ...But hopefully when we're done with this super-crunch, so we don't have to totally blow off work to watch those episodes (because right now, that would be our first priority).

In the meantime, we also have the latest Pokemon game to play! That keeps us going, too, but we need more than the 20 minutes it takes to watch an episode of Miraculous. Anyway, it just served as a reminder of how much we really do like Pokemon.

Anyway. I guess my main thoughts on the year are yes, it has been long and busy. But maybe not as busy as last year. Things are starting to change. Farley retired. Our rent keeps going up. We're thinking of moving, but we don't have time to think about it seriously, and we are not impulsive, so we can't just get up and go. A lot of our editors have moved on all of a sudden. And here we are, just plugging away. Oh yeah, I guess Saint Young Men is a new thing this year. This year was super eventful, and I just can't even concentrate. I need to go to we can get back to work.

This year I'm thankful for Miraculous coming back into our lives, getting to play Kingdom Hearts III, getting the new Pokemon game, the wonderful times we had with Farley, and Heavenly Father helping us to survive another busy year.