December 21st, 2019


Plodding along

Well, it's been another day. We had a rehearsal for the special Christmas sacrament meeting thingie that's happening. We thought it was only going to be for the Primary kids' part, because the only time we heard about it was when fliers were being passed around the kids at church last week. We got there and found out that the idea was for it to be a whole run-through. Only nobody knew about it, so we couldn't get either of the other two choirs to show up.

We actually haven't been able to get the regular ward choir to practice for anything, so we thought maybe we could shorten the program by changing their number (The First Noel) into a congregational hymn and only singing one verse. There are a few congregational hymns in the program, and we were hoping to trim it a little because we've read the script and we think it's way too long. So we canceled all the choir practices (by which I mean the one practice we would have had before church tomorrow), and then we got a text from the in-charge person saying just kidding, we're going to sing all the verses for the congregational hymn. Oh well, we tried.

After the rehearsal, we came home and worked. There is so much work. But to maintain our sanity, we have to pretend there's only enough work that we can stop after dinner. Ideally we'll be able to keep doing that after our Christmas vacation, but we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for the rehearsal going pretty okay, getting a ride home from rehearsal, getting to watch Glaciator again, not having any obligations after church tomorrow, and apps that work the way I want them to.