December 19th, 2019


Missions of Love volume 19

We were so worked up yesterday that we totally forgot it was Review Rednesday! To make up for it, we now present to you Review Rursday! Featuring (as promised) Missions of Love volume 19! Spoilers ahead!

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Awww, you guys! What a cute series! I am glad we got to work on it. Thinking back on it, now I'm pretty bummed that they didn't ask us to work on any of Toyama-sensei's subsequent series. Boo. Oh well.

Review Rednesday is going to go on hiatus for now, because next week is Christmas (wow, that soon?) and we're just not sure what all is being released. But we'll keep you posted. I don't think we had any new releases today, unless you count the print version of Saint Young Men. On second thought, let me check... Oh yeah, volume four of that same series is out digitally now. We...have not had a chance to write a review of that one yet. So we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for making pretty okay progress on work, getting to play Pokemon despite our super crunch because it's the kind of game that lends itself to also talking on the phone with people, getting to talk to Mom, getting to watch the Dark Owl episode of Miraculous, and getting to look back on a really sweet series that we love.