December 18th, 2019


Breaking down

It turns out we were under more stress than we realized, and even after our lovely mental health day yesterday, we had a bit of a breakdown. As a result, we decided to give up on meeting our Sailor Moon deadline, so we emailed our editor to apologize and let her know it would be late. And then we shifted focus to a side gig we've been working on. Turns out that was a really good idea, because we got an email from the person in charge of that asking us to please please please hurry. So now we've turned in a bit more of that, and we're just not thinking about the stuff that's really stressing us least not right now. ...Except now that I think about it, I find it irksome that all of these projects are taking so long...and the Christmas program...and...

Never mind. We played Pokemon, which maybe we shouldn't have given the circumstances, except that, given the circumstances, not playing Pokemon may have had much more dire consequences. Unless we had not played Pokemon because we were doing some other recreational thing. What I'm saying is, if we don't take breaks, we will break.

Today I'm thankful for feeling much better after our self-declared schedule change (hopefully we won't suffer too much for it later), making pretty good progress on the side gig, getting to play Pokemon, getting Athena's Christmas gift from Aurora (we haven't opened it yet; we're not sure if we should wait, and we don't have time anyway), and also getting to watch Miraculous.