December 14th, 2019



Today we refused to let the overwhelmingness of our schedule overwhelm us! We played Pokemon anyway! I think my iPad has helped me identify what's going on. The power got low, so I would plug it in, but then I'd need to get it away from the wall, so I'd unplug it even though it hadn't fully charged, which of course meant I needed to plug it in again that much sooner, but then I needed it again and it still wasn't fully charged, so when I was done, I plugged it back in only I didn't do it right so it didn't actually charge, and it just keeps getting tired that much sooner. And all of that kind of thing is the kind of thing that's been going on with us and work. We need to stop and recharge, but we don't have enough time to recharge fully, so we have to plug in again that much sooner. And it just makes everything more tiring.

But anyway. Our ward has been having a ton of baptisms lately! And Athena and I have been blessed with the opportunity to help with the music for all of them! Today was extra special because it was all in Spanish. We went to a mostly Spanish baptism a little while ago, but this one only had English when people were chatting before and after. It was kind of a neat experience, but also it meant we didn't understand most of what was going on. I mean, there are some words in Spanish that sound similar enough to English that we can pick stuff up here and there, and talks at baptisms are pretty much all the same, so we were able to get the gist of everything. But most importantly, we could still understand the emotions that went with the words. We could tell that both of the speakers had really strong testimonies. And the best part was how happy the person getting baptized was. It was really nice. And then there were Bagel Bites!

And now we need to go to sleep, because I'm already falling there! And we have to get to church early tomorrow for choir practice!

Today I'm thankful for managing to get everything done that we needed to do (we maybe should have done more work, but we also should have rested, so), getting to play Pokemon, getting to take part in another beautiful baptism, not getting rained on, and Bagel Bites.