December 9th, 2019


Double choir

The water heater has been replaced! It didn't even take all day! Huzzah! The new one makes noises after we use hot water, but there's no sign of leakage, so we're just going to hope it's still getting settled in. And now we're still plagued by the sleepies, so we pulled ourselves away from Pokemon and Miraculous in the hopes of getting more sleep tonight. I'm not sure I have anything else to talk about today.

I will explain yesterday's double choir practice thing, though. After sacrament meeting yesterday, a woman from the Spanish speaking group came up to us with her son as an interpreter and asked if we could help the group with their performance of Silent Night--or rather, Noche de Paz. They, too, had been asked to sing a specific song for the special Christmas sacrament meeting on the 22nd.

We're always happy to help with music (okay, sometimes less happy when it takes time out of our Saturdays, but usually!), so we agreed, and they were like, "Cool, our first practice is right after church today." ...That was also when we had scheduled the regular choir practice (to which they're all invited, of course, but I think the language barrier prevents them from knowing that, or if they do know, I can understand not wanting to go). But it all worked out, because the regular choir had to wait to use the chapel, and the Spanish-speaking group was ready to get started right away.

So now Athena and I are responsible for three choirs for the Christmas program! Woohoo!! Oh, but I'm only an understudy for the Spanish-speaking group. One of the moms is having her eleven-year-old kid practice the accompaniment on the piano. I've heard him play--he's really good at the pieces he's memorized--but I've never heard him accompany anyone, and he seemed nervous about it, so I'm sticking around as a safety net. His mom seems to encourage her kids to do hard things, so we're not super worried about preventing him from growing by letting him run away. Anyway, it's good times, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for having a new water heater, having the water all vacuumed out of the water heater closet, not having to deal with the water vacuuming noise anymore, managing to get our translations done (except potentially for some flashback panels that may need more work), and Page bravely hanging out with us while all the noise was going on (she hid under a bed in the other room for the first part, but she came back to join us later).