December 8th, 2019



Guess who's going to be getting a new water heater for Christmas! That's right, it's us. When we went out to start getting ready for the day yesterday morning, the water heater was making a sound, like boiling water, or like when the toilet is running, and I was like, "Oh dear, I hope that's nothing serious, because we got stuff to do today." So we ignored it and did our stuff, hoping it would resolve itself. When we got done with our stuff, it was not resolved.

We still had hope that we wouldn't have to Take Action, so we first asked family if water heater noises meant trouble, and then to be doubly sure we asked our fix-it friend Gaston. The general consensus was that if we still had hot water there shouldn't be a problem, and Gaston added that oh yeah if there's water coming out of it, that's probably an issue. I was like, "Well, when I glanced looked at it, there was no water coming out, so it's probably fine."

A few hours later, after the management office was closed, I thought maaaaaybe I should do a more definitive check. So I opened the water heater closet, and because I wasn't smart enough to get a flashlight, I took a paper towel and dipped it toward the closet floor. It came up wet. Well darn. Further investigation revealed that there actually was quite a bit of water in the water heater closet floor. But now it was too late to report it, and we figured it was probably still leaking, and we had to do something to stop that, probably, and it was just an incredibly stressful situation. It was actually one of those situations where if you decided to forget about it, you could go about your day without too much trouble, but you had to remember it because if you don't do something about it when the time comes that you actually can do something about it, then your life explodes.

So after church today we reported it. The verdict is yes, it's definitely leaking, tomorrow the maintenance guys will go to Home Depot to buy a new one, and hopefully they'll have it fully installed by the end of the day. Barring that, they'll give us the key to another apartment so we can still have hot showers.

So last night was super stressful, but today actually went pretty well, except for the fact that we still have a leaky water heater. We're using the cold water anyway, which probably isn't helping that. But! the maintenance guy was really nice as always, and he pointed out that the leak has probably been around for weeks, which is sort of good news for two reasons. First, it means that one more day of using the water anyway probably isn't going to be the last straw (we hope...), and second (and more importantly), we're thinking there's a good chance it was the puddle from the leak is where all the mosquitoes were coming from that have been plaguing us for the last I don't even know how long. And now that we'll have a non-leaky heater and the water will be cleared out, the mosquitoes will have nowhere to breed and we might be free of their curse (we're really really hoping).

On the less bright side, it means there's some water damage to the closet, but we're pretty sure those are not main support walls, and the floor is concrete, so hopefully it's nothing too damaging, and they can maybe wait to worry about it until we move out and they want to spruce the place up. (When we pay a deposit on an apartment, we don't usually expect to get it back, so we're not too worried about that, either. Not that we trash our apartment or anything, just that we find it safer to never expect money when the agreement is tentative.)

So the maintenance guy tossed some towels into the closet as a temporary measure, and then we relaxed for the rest of the day. And we needed it, because oh my heck are we tired. We should go to bed now, actually.

Today I'm thankful for having a good time at two choir practices (oh yeah, that's another thing that happened), being on the road to having a working water heater again, getting to watch the Christmas devotional, having a relatively relaxing Sunday (considering), and having really nice maintenance guys.