December 7th, 2019


Here and there

Today was our ward Christmas activity. It was a breakfast, and we were not prepared to wake up early, so we had a super hard time getting into it. But after we had some food, and they decided not to make us lead the children in a song, we were feeling much better. We had a nice time chatting with people, and we even got some details worked out as far as Christmas performances in sacrament meetings, so life in general is seeming a little better. We're still unreasonably tired. I think it might have something to do with air pressure or something. I don't know.

More importantly, after the breakfast, we went to Chara Expo. We found out about it because ad for it popped up on our Facebook feed, and it was in our area, so we figured why not? Basically it's the tiniest anime convention we've ever been to. It was at the Anaheim Convention Center, and they seemed to be having two other conventions at the same time, and all three of them seemed to be contained on the first floor. (One of them was Sneaker Con, so later we saw people walking around carrying SO MANY shoeboxes.)

There were panels, but only one at a time. We caught the end of the opening ceremonies, then a panel about Vanguard, the trading card game slash anime. They talked about all the shiny cards they'll be releasing soon, and then they had a voice actress sing the newest theme song! And she was adorable. Later, we watched the BanG Dream! panel, where they had the producer, the director, the editor, and two of the voice actresses, and it was so lovable. You could really tell they put a lot of love into making the series. We haven't seen it, but maybe now we'll check it out. If we have some extra time and aren't too obsessed with Pokemon.

There was cosplay, too! We didn't cosplay because we didn't want to bother, since we've been so tired and we were already late because of the ward breakfast. But man, the cosplayers who did cosplay were really good! We only took one picture, though (Shinra from Fire Force), because we didn't recognize most of the other costumes. Mainly this convention served as another reminder that our tastes are niche even in a niche hobby. Sigh.

But we had a good time. Then we came home, ate our complimentary Pocky, and eventually got back to Pokemon. We finally got our first gym badge! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for having a good time at the ward breakfast, our friends in the ward choir, getting to go to a neat little anime convention, not getting rained on, and the giant floof that is Dubwool.