November 30th, 2019


Gotta catch 'em all

Today we had the option of setting up our Christmas tree or spending the afternoon playing Pokemon. Setting up the Christmas tree involved tidying up, and we were tired from our very long week, so we opted for Pokemon. But oh my goodness, we caught so many Pokemon! Yesterday, we were in the Wild Area, and there were a ton of Metapods wandering around, so we were like, "What's the deal? Where's Caterpie?"

We figured we probably missed them back in the first area, so we went back, and that's how we knew for certain that, even though you can see most of the Pokemon instead of getting hit with surprise battles all the time, some of the Pokemon are too small to be seen over the tall grass (or they duck down and hide in it). So we missed a few Pokemon in the first area, because we saw a bunch of there heads peeking up over the grass and thought, "Eh, we have all of those," not realizing that some Pokemon were invisible! Ooooohh! But anyway, we caught a Caterpie, named it Nooroo, and balance was restored. And! we've already evolved it into a Butterfree.

And that's our super geeky Pokemon talk for today. I actually kind of like it that you can see some but not all of the Pokemon. That way, if we can see a Pokemon, and if it's an evolved version of one we already have, and we don't want it in our Pokedex until we evolve ours, we don't have to fight it! ...But I'm getting back into the geeky Pokemon talk, which I said was over.

Anyway. We watched more Miraculous, too, and it seems they've made other minor tweaks (once again, unless we somehow missed something the last seven times we watched it). There was a scene in Guitar Villain where the background was totally different! We think. I mean, it doesn't affect the story at all, but it just makes me wonder.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play a lot of Pokemon today, catching a lot of Pokemon, making it safely to the baptism this evening, getting more compliments on the Primary Program, and the super soft Kirby gachapon we got in our most recent Yume Twins box.